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Commission an amazing, unique portrait in a distinctive style
High quality animal portraits with detailed pattern work and bold colour
How It works:
    - Get in touch
    - We can arrange to meet or provide a series of your favourite photos.
    - Get to the personality and decide a colour palette.
    - Image and pattern will be hand drawn and coloured.
    - Image is sent to you to view and come back with any alterations.
    - Final design is sent to printers.
    - Image is checked, signed, named, numbered, mounted and framed.
    - Framed image is packaged securely and send to you.

Animals - It's important to send a photograph that clearly shows the animals eyes as this is what shows their character the most. I produce portraits from what I can see in the photograph so you need to make sure the photo is a good likeness to the animal.


Photograph tips

It is important to send a good definition photo with expression. 
To get a photo that will make a nice picture, distract the animal with a noise or their favourite toy.  

If your dog gets excited when you say a particular word, say this while taking the photo as it will give them a good expression. Horses and Cats can be difficult to photograph, try and distract them so they put their ears forwards. Take photos in natural light as the detail will be better and the eyes will show the colours rather than glowing in the artificial light. 

The more detail in the photo, the more detail I can put in the patterns I form to shade the portrait.


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