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xmas festive winter cards

xmas festive winter cards

all designs are hand drawn in Conwy

cards & prints


prints all signed and individually numbered

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Blue Puffins.png

  cards perfect for all occasions

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winter festive greeting cards

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Growing up in-between the rolling hills and waves of North Wales, nature has been a big inspiration. A degree in illustration, I work as an artist and in graphic design. 

patterned pen and ink
Using hand drawn line and texture, I give interest to my drawings with a stained glass-like pattern. Pattern is layered to form abstract shapes and layers.
a bold background 
Backgrounds are made up of bold colour and textile patterns. Modern composition and block colour are used to animate a classic line drawing style.
illustrative inspirations
Inspiration is taken from detailed illustrative line drawings and portraits. Birds and animals are a repeating theme.

about follow my instagram for all my latest work

Hare Colour.png
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